The Old Man and the Mountain Lion is a short film inspired by the untamed, sometimes volatile spirit of Big Sur, California. Nature can symbolize freedom, which can inspire art. Filmmaker Michael Harrington is setting out to demonstrate this in a film based in the rugged, beautiful landscape of the back country of the Big Sur wilderness.

Film synopsis: After an old man loses his beloved house cat to a mountain lion, he sets off into the at once brutal and arresting Big Sur Wilderness to seek his revenge.

This film will be made with a strong focus on several factors vital to Michael Harrington’s personal philosophy of filmmaking:

  • -collaborative, communal art – The focus of this project is on working within the community in which the film is based to create reciprocal relationships between businesses, individuals, organizations, artists and musicians.  This film will be shot entirely on location in Big Sur showcasing local talent, including the cast and crew.
  • -environmental preservation – Thematically, this film will stay true to the spirit of environmental preservation that gives Big Sur so much of its natural, wild charm. The idea of having a great predator living in one’s backyard acts as a constant reminder of existence within a natural habitat. Recognizing the remarkable beauty of preserving this is an admirable value.
  • -artistic and environmental alliances – working with area conservation organizations, this film will bridge an important gap between the arts and environmental preservation. Specifically, and thrillingly, this project will champion the important work of the Ventana Wildlife Society, the Henry Miller Library, and independent filmmakers and artists. The list of organizations collaborating to produce this project can only grow, and each will benefit from and provide important resources to the film.

Writer/Director Mike Harrington scouting locations


Michael Harrington (writer and director of The Old Man and The Mountain Lion) has worked on dozens of films, in a dozen capacities, for a dozen years. His experiences have included large-scale-huge-budget Hollywood films, no-budget-guerrilla-style independent films, independent education-based films in small communities and independent film based in cities. His varied experiences have led him to the conclusion that there is not one way to make a film, and that it is only through honest ardor, dynamic collaboration, passionate endeavor and a rather devil-may-care disregard for convention that this important film will come to fruition.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Look forward to seeing this, Mike!

  2. haraprodigy says:

    I’m inspired by your courage to manifest the film you want in your own unique way. You are on the cutting edge of how indies get made. I salute you, brother!

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