The Untraditional Office

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October 7, 2012 by theoldmanandthemountainlion

Embracing the beauty of our community, and working in the wilderness: that’s what this film is about. And the means are justifying those ends. A case study: the untraditional office.

There are various places where production meetings have been held, emails have been written, the script has been poured over, prop lists have been created, funds have been raised, and the list goes on. Some examples:

-over a giant pizza and salad at Fernwood Resort in the corner booth when there was a pretty excellent series of locals throwing tunes on the juke box for us

-at the corner of the Maiden Publick House along the new expanded bar where you can forget that the rest of the world is out there (this is also a great place for reading)

-casting meetings have been held at the Cafe Lumiere in Monterey, which is adjoined to the Osio Cinemas and Brophy’s Tavern in Carmel-By-The-Sea

-under the heat lamps outside at the Crown & Anchor in Monterey

-in the office at the Henry Miller Library

-in the car wash on Broadway (when inspiration hits, go with it, but keep vaccuuming the upholstery)

-in the back corner of the Big Sur Bakery over Americanos and apple muffins

-and of course, at Andrew Molera State Park.

Producer Keely Richter works on details while director Mike Harrington has an inspiring surf session at Andrew Molera State Park.


This film is being put together in an untraditional fashion – being pieced together how we see fit. It suits our dynamic personalities and our relative disinterest in following rules just because that’s how it’s always been done. As such, our “office” is a bit untraditional, too.


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