A question we’ve been fielding a fair amount, and the answer:

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October 18, 2012 by theoldmanandthemountainlion

We’ve been asked a wonderful question a fair amount lately, that we’re happy to answer here:  We’re happy to encourage you to share the answer with your friends, family, enemies and hell, tell strangers:

“Your IndieGoGo campaign is over, can I still donate to your movie?”

the answer is:


We’re definitely still seeking donations.  ALWAYS: the more money we are able to raise, the BETTER THIS MOVIE WILL BE.  There are pieces of equipment that we want to rent that will make the movie look better, and there are things that we can buy to supplement our bare bones budget to make the process of making this film more streamlined, which will give us more time to get better shots.  We are definitely still seeking donations.

email us at: oldmanmovie.bigsur@gmail.com and we can tell you how to best donate now that the IndieGoGo campaign is over.

Thanks guys!

For your trouble to read this plea for funds, I attach a picture of our co-star.  Mr. PowWow (who is always ready for his close up)

A well-trained movie-cat.


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