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We have a dream budget and a bare essentials budget. Ideally, we would raise $20,000.00 in order to properly compensate all involved for their time, energy, and expenses. We understand that we’re not living in a dream world, and so we present to you the $5,000.00 bare essentials budget (which naturally relies heavily on in-kind donations and donated time on the part of the dedicated crew):

  • food – film shoots happen in rapid fire 16 hour chunks and crews require available and constant nourishment. This film, specifically, will be physically demanding requiring hiking to remote locations. If we don’t have ample food to satisfy the crew, we’re going to have to eat the sound guy. And no one wants to watch a film with bad sound.

  • gas and transportation – If anyone has a line on a particularly generous gasoline company, call us. We’re not holding our breath, and as such have budgeted gas for errands and transportation to and from set for the cast, crew, and volunteers. This will also cover transportation for the any additional crew that may have to travel to the Central Coast from whence they live. They’re probably donating their time, but we must not ask them to go into massive debt.

  • equipment – the goal is to obtain as much of the equipment that we will use through donations. However, to use sub-par equipment would bastardize the beauty of Big sur that is so essential to the story; we won’t do it. The better the camera, lights, and sound recording equipment we use, the steeper the cost. As such, the more money that we raise, the better quality equipment we can rent.

  • those pesky “unforseens” – part of the exciting beauty of the filmmaking process is that one never knows for certain what each new day will bring. Planning, though essential and premeditated, can give way to spontaneous inspiration. These dynamic ideas are not always free, and can wreak havoc on a budget, and so we’re trying our best to make room for them, as well as a contingency plan should the enevitable rain storm or mud slide set us back.

    Writer/Director Mike Harrington is serious about fundraising.


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